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Q: Just exactly what IS a PROFESSIONAL photographer anyway and why should I hire one?

A: It's a common question I get asked a lot— especially in recent years with decent equipment readily available to the consumer for a relatively low price—and obviously I argue in favor of using a professional every time, in any capacity, if you can afford it and you only accept + want the very best.


Calling all PIXies...

Hey All y'all!

It's been a wild ride over the summer with some spectacular shooting both here and abroad.  I'm certainly looking forward to Fall and the new opportunities to shoot, especially to get back to these challenging and fun studio sessions.  If you missed the earlier sessions, maybe you would like to be considered for one of the upcoming sessions this spring?  The project is called 'element:digital'.   When I petition 'Lend a hand (or two)', that's precisely part of the equation where YOU come in: I need several pairs of hands--young, old, black, white, pretty, ugly...well, you get the picture.  And you'll GET the picture(s) once you decide to participate and the project is complete.

If I've piqued your interest and you have a free evening coming up and want to hang around a photographer's studio and have fun and maybe even share a drink or two, consider it a date!  Once you've received the overview, email me and let me know what your upcoming schedule is like and Pixarola will be in touch.   *This particular project won't involve your personal physiognomy (faces people!) so it doesn't much matter if you are camera shy or aren't quite ready for your close-up, Mr. Demille!

Thanks already to these participants!--Binary Code deliberate!...

[In no particular order]:

010001000110010101100001011011100110111001100001, 0100101001100101011000010110111001100101011101000111010001100101, 010001110110000101110010011001010111010001101000,

Looking forward to seeing you soon.   -Ty 

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