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The Big Picture Featured

Vancouver BC looking northward. | January 2013 Vancouver BC looking northward. | January 2013 © Pixarola 2013

This week I had the opportunity to return to a location to work on a challenging HDR/LDR panorama of our fair city and while it’s sometimes hard to capture it all just at the right time, with the perfect weather on a relatively clear day, it’s equally elusive to make sense of it all in ‘POST’, stringing together about 30 images to form one magnificent picture of the entire cityscape from end to end in a way that looks seamless and most impactful.   I use about 5 programs to do these types of shots and there’s a lot of importing and exporting, stitching and stretching, color correcting and finally outputting in the required formats.   During the process, it’s hard to know really what to expect or even whether or not it will all come together according to the grand plan!

This brings me to the point of my title entry: The Big Picture.   You see, while I was on this particular junket I was thinking about my career as a photographer and of the many experiences I’ve had working with friends and family, clients + corporations and other Creatives in collaboration from time to time.  Sometimes it can be absolutely fun and exciting but often it is grueling and downright difficult.   And it got me to thinking how sometimes it’s not me who chooses the work, it’s the other way round.   We are all given certain abilities + talents in life and I am grateful I have found a gig that provides so much for me to be able to utilize all of mine.   Like the panorama which strives to encompass all the eye can see (and sometimes even going well beyond!),  being a creative director & photographer requires one to wear many hats often all at the same time, trying one’s best to capture absolutely everything our Subject wants or needs.    Many times—and I speak from much experience these days—we come close but it’s never  the ‘perfect picture’ and although I’ve created some of my own for which I’m rather proud, and I’ve seen others working in the same arena which have truly impressed and even wowed me, I don’t think perfection is possible.  
And this mimics life; we can strive for perfection but I think it’s best to simply be present in the moment and open to the possibilities of what can transpire when we don’t impose a rigid expectation of a certain lofty outcome.  Of course that doesn't mean accepting sloppy or mediocre performance from ourselves, but instead perhaps striving with more fluidity, focusing on the task at hand with fewer distractions which included fixating on the outcome.  There’s a great book written by Paul Arden with a chapter entitled ‘It’s right to be wrong’ that I really like because it talks about how once we are ensconced in being right, or having the perfect formulae for something, we are no longer open to the lovely opportunity of making, sharing or realizing a no less than AMAZING experience or result.   The magic happens when we allow ourselves a little room to ‘play’.   This is often the place from which I like to look out onto my world.  ...It’s the perfect panorama for true fulfillment and provides many a chance to realize GREATNESS and I think that’s what’s important.  Not the accolades + awards for another ‘job well done’ but the sense of purpose that comes in the present moment using those abilities of yours and mine towards making the world a little bit better—whether it’s through sharing my work here at PIXAROLA or through yours doing whatever you do to the best of your abilities too.    The Big Picture in fact beckons us to take a step BACK so our perspective is indeed broadened.  If we allow ourselves this freedom to see more—for a day, for a year, for a lifetime—it is only then that we have the possibility to BE MORE and RECEIVE the gifts others bestow us along the way.  
...It might even prove at first too much to take all in from one sweeping viewpoint!   -Ty

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