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It's been a loooong while since I've posted a blog entry specific to !   But we are most definitely OUT THERE and you can now stay in the know mostly through our facebook page.   'Like' us to keep in touch + for the latest offers and special promotions exclusive to our Facebook fans!  

I have to admit at first I was reticent about using FB as my primary correspondence but the fact is it's simple and easy to use and convenient to update through their APP either on my Smartphone or iPad, even while on location.   ... EASY is good!

And it was one helluva busy summer and fall for PIXAROLA.  I was completely entrenched in the entire running of STARTREK - The Exhibition@ PNE#103 this August and early September. It encompassed average 14hr days and post-fair, spending another several days to wrap everything carefully into custom containers and a few more palettes ready for safe container travel in the long journey across the high seas to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.  ST VAN was hugely successful and I'm pleased to have hired + worked with many photographers most of whom experienced their first turn at a real paying gig.


This Fall there were some other gigs that kept us pretty busy too, the largest being a CLEAN ENERGY conference at one of the biggest hotels in the city.  These events take a lot of planning and this year, I was thankful the client allowed in the budget for an assistant photographer to help me along.  3 days of lensing yielded almost 1000 captures which then required many hours running through post, organizing into 'mini' events and uploading to the server for the client to be able to easily find, use & share with exhibitors & conference attendees.   Altogether another great event I enjoyed very much lensing!   Thanks to Mr. Craig B. for helping with this one.

We are just a few weeks away from Dec. 21st 2012.  Some of you may recognize this date as significant.  It's the end of the Mayan Calendar and there's all sorts of debate about what it all really means.   The movie '2012' [R. Emmerich - 2010] depicts the END OF THE WORLD in his fictional apocalypse account of this time.  While I think it's a pretty drastic and far-fetched viewpoint, it's unarguable to note a big shift in world events clearly felt by massive meteorological pattern anomalies and pervasive political unrest throughout much of the middle east.  Who knows what will really come our way on December 21st this year, but I'm expecting to continue with my work as always, unless something happens preventing me from doing so!   This means I'll be lensing at least a few Christmas parties and the usual company events.  If you are planning an 'End of the World' themed party for yourself or your company perhaps, then let Pixarola capture it for you so you can make the most of being present with your friends, family & colleagues this season.   We book up fast so contact us as soon as possible to lock in your special event now.   Contact us HERE.

All the best to you and yours this season.   H A P P Y  H O L I D A Y S !    -ty

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