The Big Picture

This week I had the opportunity to return to a location to work on a challenging HDR/LDR panorama of our fair city and while it’s sometimes hard to capture it all just at the right time, with the perfect weather on a relatively clear day, it’s equally elusive to make sense of it all in ‘POST’, stringing together about 30 images to form one magnificent picture of the entire cityscape from end to end in a way that looks seamless and most impactful.   I use about 5 programs to do these types of shots and there’s a lot of importing and exporting, stitching and stretching, color correcting and finally outputting in the required formats.   During the process, it’s hard to know really what to expect or even whether or not it will all come together according to the grand plan!


To Koh Phi Phi..and beyond!

It was long-awaited and over the past couple of months I had been sketching a moderate itinerary when the date finally arrived and I found myself thirty-three thousand feet airborne and heading to fabulous Thailand and Hong Kong for a month long respite from the cold and damp of winter in the Pacific Northwest. Getting away at any time for me is always exciting, perhaps even when it's simply an overnight excursion to the Valley, but arriving at your destination over 10 000km away from your starting point is exponentially more thrilling!


End of the World?

It's been a loooong while since I've posted a blog entry specific to !   But we are most definitely OUT THERE and you can now stay in the know mostly through our facebook page.   'Like' us to keep in touch + for the latest offers and special promotions exclusive to our Facebook fans!  

I have to admit at first I was reticent about using FB as my primary correspondence but the fact is it's simple and easy to use and convenient to update through their APP either on my Smartphone or iPad, even while on location.   ... EASY is good!

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